The 1UP Rejects + Me

Greetings, Earth Clan.

Nearly all of my energy has been going into getting the 1UP Rejects project off the ground. We've got a great group of folks contributing with written words, streams, a podcast, and some video work. It's actually coming together. It's still very early in the process, but it's actually clicking, and I'm in love with it. We're still figuring some things out. We're definitely still in a 'beta' state. Give it a look, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitch, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to us on YouTube, and just generally let us take over your life. Please.

Most of my contribution has been getting the systems up and running, and a little streaming and a little writing. And a lot of coordinating people. It's exhausting, and I'm looking forward to checking out mentally for a few hours tonight, but I love it.

I've always wanted a modern games media outlet that skewed toward us old timers. The people that came of age during the magazine era, into the early days of 1UP.com. I kept waiting for it to happen, and then, during these last few months, I realized I could just get off (or actually, on) my ass and make it happen, with a lot of help from fellow 1UP Rejects.

So, yeah, give it a look, understand it's still early, but enjoy the content, and let us know what else you want.

So, here's some of my streaming series I've got going. Dragon Age is every Tuesday on the 1UP Rejects Twitch channel, and Witcher is whenever I feel like it on my Twitch channel.

And that's it for now. This blog is my personal stuff, while the Rejects is my big project, hopefully for a long time.

Thanks for reading!



Some Updating

So, October, with the Puerto Rico fundraiser, wiped my ass out, but it was a great success.

I took most of November to rest, as I went from summer code crunch time to neck surgery to recovery to a month-long intense fundraiser, and I needed to breathe.

So, here's some random shit for you.

The 1UP Rejects
First, some of my fellow 1UP.com community alumni and I have got this thing going called The 1UP Rejects. It's a ... thing. Videos and writing and streaming and shit. Check it out. It's actually very, very early, and doesn't really launch until next year, but take a gander and feel free to go ahead and start enjoying it.

I'm streaming there every Tuesday evening, at 8PM central. Last night was the first stream from the new channel, and it was ... an adventure, but ended up being very successful.

So watch me there, and/or follow this playlist (warning: some NSFW mods in there):

We have a show we're doing every Thursday on the channel, too. 8PM central, also.

Really, there should be stuff going most evenings over there, with a great variety of streamers, and we're starting to get some lunch slots filled, too.

Check us out:

Moving on ...

2017 Games
I've played a few games this year, and the two that left the biggest impact were Divinity: Original Sin 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn. Each of them are easily my favorite games of the year. They are wildly different games, and fed different parts of my soul, but I loved them both. DOS2 tickled my intellect deeply and let me stop and think. HZD was a really cool world and equally cool story with very rewarding combat and exploration.

Go play them both.

Also, any 'best game of 2017' nominee list that doesn't include them both is wrong and should be ignored.

This year, I've also enjoyed Torment: Tides of Numenera, Elex, Mass Effect Andromeda, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, Uncharted: Lost Legacy, ESO: Morrowind, and Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. Go play all of those, too. Especially Torment.

What did I miss? What are your favorites from this year? Have you played HZD and DOS2? What'd you think?

I'm still playing through Elex, and I'm really looking forward to Seven: The Days Long Gone, which releases Friday. It's coming from some ex-CDPR devs, and it's isometric stealth parkour steampunk awesomeness.

Shit looks dope.

Follow me on Twitter for more stuff, probably streaming and random thoughts and shit. See ya.




Hey, we're really kicking things off this week, in regards to our Halloween stream fundraiser.


And, oh, hey, check out my first night of Soma here:

There were some technical issues, but we got past them, and it was a really fun stream. Give it a look.

Ultimately, I'm really, really wanting to make a difference in Puerto Rico. The devastation that has been wrought there is unbelievable, and so several of us have teamed up to try and raise money for a children's hospital in Puerto Rico.

Check out this week's schedule here. I'll be playing more Soma, and my friends are playing all kindsa great shit.

And please, help me promote the shit out of this.

Other Gaming

Otherwise, I'm still plowing through my second playthrough of Tyranny (this time, with all the extra shit they've added since it came out), which is a vastly underrated game. I've slowed a bit on Divinity: Original Sin 2, but I'll pick up the pace again soon. I just kinda ran face-first into something I'm not ready to tackle, so I'll need to come back to it later, even though I really wanna do it now. We'll see.

I also just got Forza MotorSport 7, which, as always, is excellent. I love driving my Honda Civic Si in real life, and the Forza series really feeds into that. This iteration is excellent. I'm amazed at how well-refined each entry is. I'd thought about just sticking with only the Horizon branch of the series, but I gave in last week, and I'm I got FM7. It's an absolute blast, and fun to play with my sons.

Elex is out in a couple weeks, on 10/17, and I am very excited. This game, I think, is going to be my main winter game. I'll probably ease into it, as I don't think I'm close to finishing DOS2, but we'll see. They're vastly different games, so I could play them concurrently, but with my Halloween streams ... eh, we'll see.

The Cardinals are out of the playoffs, so I'll have more free time than usual in October. This is sad.

Not Gaming
I found out recently that a woman with whom I'd shared a magical summer, 20 years ago, took her own life. I hadn't spoken to her in about 20 years, and that conversation hadn't gone well. I regret that now. I was unkind to a wonderful woman, and while we probably weren't long-term compatible as lovers, we did have an amazing summer together that I'll always treasure. I'm very surprised at how hard this has hit me, as she was ... amazing.

I have two things to say about this. One, every conversation you have could be the last you ever have with that person. This shouldn't dominate your thoughts or control every conversation, but perhaps, if things aren't going well in that relationship, you should try to end it in a way that leaves your conscience clean. Mine never will be, in regards to Teresa, and it's not the first time I've had this precise regret.

Two, if you are considering suicide, tell someone. Talk to someone. It's probably not the right choice. In the cases of terminal illness, maybe it is, but I think most people deserve to be happy, and you're probably one of them. Just reach out and give someone the chance to help you.

Hell, if ya don't wanna go that route, the national suicide hotline is 1-800-273-8255.

Give them a call. It's worth it. Life can be great if you can just find your footing.

Anyway, that's that. Death is permanent. A lot of us are still alive, and we can help others stay alive, whether it be through suicide prevention, or raising money for Puerto Rico.

Help us out. Please. And Spread the word.